AEF 2018: Urbanization

11 global topics ranging from sustainability to global security and the future megacities will be discussed at the upcoming Astana Economic Forum (AEF). Leading scientists, Nobel Prize winners and politicians will gather to find solutions for global challenges. According to experts, one of the main topics today is urbanization. Smart solutions based on intelligent systems are of importance for a comfortable and safe life in megacities.


 - Taking into account the constantly growing population of our city and transport, all these technologies could result in an effective city management system. For example, the system helps in picking right locations for building a bus route, a school or a hospital. We can do it using digital technologies more effectively.

In the near future Astana could become an example for comfortable and safe living. Today, digital technologies are introduced in the infrastructure of the capital.


 - The technologies include smart education, healthcare, ‘Smart Astana’ mobile application and ‘Sergek’ geo information systems which are set to improve our residents’ quality of life.

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the AEF include engineering revolution, technologies in urban planning, the vision of cities in 2050 and presentation of the human capital report in Kazakhstan’s cities.  Today, Kazakhstan’s young capital Astana is considered as the center of high technologies and a regional innovation hub.