Kazakhstan and Russia: Cooperation in audit

Representatives of Kazakhstan’s Accounts Committee and Russia’s Accounts Chamber have agreed on expanding cooperation in the audit industry. Goals of the departments of the two countries are quite similar, particularly, the audit of state programs, enhancing efficiency of budgetary expenses as well as evaluating productivity of the work of state bodies. The Kazakh delegation invited the Russian colleagues to conduct joint and parallel monitoring as well as expert-analytical activities.


- The Russian representatives said that they are ready to participate in these projects. I think that in the next few months we will reach an agreement on these topics. The events will be held either in a form of expert-analytical activities or in the form of audits. These are large interstate projects which will get major media coverage and will be funded appropriately. The efficiency of using the funding is very important for both Kazakhstan and Russia.

The chairperson of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, Tatyana Golikova highlighted the special important of the event. She said it is possible for Russia and Kazakhstan to do a wide range of interstate projects only by putting efforts together.


- We are going to cooperate in areas such as energy, military-technical, space exploration and etc. Most importantly, we confirmed our intentions on cooperation between the Russia’s Accounts Chamber and Kazakhstan’s Accounts Committee. The representatives of the departments have confirmed their intentions fixed in the agreement.

In addition, the highest state audit bodies of Kazakhstan and Russia are strengthening their cooperation in areas of experience exchange, professional development of specialists, economic analysis, electronic audit and the use of information technology (IT).