New investment opportunities of AIFC

Foreign companies and China financial institutes have expressed interest to be part of the development of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) and the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. They announced their plans at the meetings with AIFC Governor, Kairat Kelimbetov in Beijing, Shanghai and Boao. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is one of the key AIFC partners, owning 25 per cent of AIFC shares. Meanwhile, the American stock exchange NASDAQ is another AIFC shareholder.


 - We welcome the arrival of Asian financial institutions, particularly, from China. We want to establish the best conditions that meet the best international practices. There’s competition for Chinese investments all over the world. European, Latin American and many other countries compete to obtain these investments.

Kairat Kelimbetov also provided details on the preparatory work for the official opening of the Astana International Financial Center. The AIFC presentation will be held in early July. The ceremony will take place after the Astana Finance Days Investment Summit to be attended by about two thousand delegates from all over the world.

The AIFC will be located at the EXPO exhibition complex that is currently under reconstruction. Over eighty thousand square meters of space will be allocated to the Astana International Financial Center. Deputy chairman of the “Astana EXPO 2017” national company, Vladimir Lyutov, said all the buildings of the complex will be certified by the BREEAM environmental assessment method – based on British environmental standard that assess efficiency and environmental friendliness of facilities. The AIFC will be located in one of the facilities together with the offices of the partners, resident companies, courts and stock exchanges.


 - Before reconstruction, the usable area of these facilities, excluding mechanical floors and parking area, made up 52 thousand square meters. After reconstruction, it will total 86 thousand square meters, because, as you can see, we have built additional floors. Before designing the EXPO area, we paid consideration to the use of the facilities after the EXPO. The foundation, supporting structures and the pile foundation were designed to include additional floors with more capacities.

Experts note that the AIFC is set to become the core element of Kazakhstan’s financial infrastructure. Its activities are based on international best practices which will help attract additional capital to Kazakhstan and to the region as well. The Astana International Financial Center will promote the most promising areas in the region, such as FinTech, Islamic finance and green finance.