Sunflower oil production is gaining momentum in Western Kazakhstan

Sunflower oil production is gaining momentum in Western Kazakhstan. A sunflower oil refinery has been put into operation here after a major technological transformation.  The enterprise can process 40,000 tonnes of raw materials a year. Its production is absolutely non-waste. This allows the producers to receive additional benefits and increase the energy efficiency.


- Another new facility is the steam boiler room. It works on the waste from sunflower; we use neither gas nor coal. The capacity of the boiler house is 6.5 tonnes per hour. Production waste is used as animal feed.

The modernized enterprise applies a cold press technology. This allows saving all the useful properties of the product. There is an extraction shop here that has allowed increasing the output volume. Earlier only 25% of oil was extracted from the sunflower seeds, now the production yield is much higher.


- Production volumes have tripled. If previously the plant processed 60 tonnes of raw materials, now this figure has reached 180 tonnes. The plant was operating in a test mode for one year. Before we had four workshops, now we opened four more shops.

Climate here is favorable for the cultivation of the oilseeds. Traditionally, local farmers receive high yield of oilseeds. On average, 50,000 tonnes of sunflower seeds are harvested in the region. The upgraded equipment and capacities of the plant allow processing all these volumes. New lines of equipment will help to produce over 1.000 tonnes of sunflower oil a month.


- In order to increase labor productivity, nearly 1 billion tenge was invested from their own funds, including around 250 million loans. We will provide all kinds of support to help such successful businessmen.

The representatives of the plant signed contracts for the supply of products to all the regions of the country. Recently, the first batch of products was exported to Uzbekistan.