Customs duty will be reduced for a number of Kazakh goods in Uzbekistan

Representatives of the Eurasian Trading System Commodity Exchange and Uzbek Republican Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange concluded an agreement on the trade cooperation between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. As part of the document, brokers and clients of the exchange of the two countries will freely enter and execute transactions using trading, clearing and settlement systems. In this way, the Eurasian Trading System Commodity Exchange is the only key partner of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan. According to experts, the agreement will greatly facilitate the access of customers and brokers to foreign markets, strengthen the export center of the Eurasian Trading System and expand the range of exported goods. New legislative acts and privileges will allow increasing the export of cement, coal, grain, flour and construction materials to Uzbekistan, experts said. 


- A customs duty will be reduced for a number of imported goods. The customs duty on transport equipment manufactured in Kazakhstan will be reduced by 2%. The duties are reduced for the most of our goods. It means that the Uzbek market is open for us. After the representatives of the commodity exchange and exporters of our countries begin cooperation, the brokers will have an opportunity to meet at common trading floors and conclude mutually beneficial agreements.