Modern technologies in agriculture

Construction of the first Agriculture Park with an area of 1,000 hectares has started in the Zhambyl region. Fruit gardens and an enterprise for processing and storing finished goods will be located on the territory of the park. With the help of this project, gardeners intend to fully satisfy the local demand and start fruit exports.


 - We are planning to grow apple trees on 650 hectares of land. We used 100 hectares for cherry trees. We will also grow grapes on another 100 hectares. We will use the rest of the land for growing nuts.

The gardeners have already started a cherry orchard. Up to 25 tonnes of berries will be collected from one hectare in a season. Agrarians are expecting first harvest next year.


 - We also need storage for finished products so that we can keep there until spring and summer. The population could buy affordable domestic fruits with reasonable prices. In the future, we are planning to process apples and cherries. We will produce juices and frozen fruit.

In order to successfully implement the plans, the agrarians are cooperating with foreign specialists and applying modern technology. This year, they also intend to install equipment for drip irrigation. Part of the seedlings was purchased in Poland.


 - The project should be completed in 2019. This year, drip irrigation will be installed for the enclosed gardens. Our main goal is not only to provide the local population with fruits and berries, but also to export them to the neighboring states.

The project worth 26 billion tenge will reach full capacity in five years. Agricultural producers will plant 2.5 million seedlings. Today, fruit gardens in the Zhambyl region occupy more than 300 hectares. According to the plans of the agrarians, until 2021, their area will reach 1,500 hectares.