Kazakhstan increases exports to Uzbekistan

Representatives of Kazakhstan are expanding the list of goods to export to Uzbekistan. Agreements on the supply of products to Uzbekistan were achieved at an international industrial exhibition in Tashkent. Large enterprises of Kazakhstan will export equipment for metallurgical and mining industries as well as chemical reagents, plastic and rubber products. According to the organizers of the exhibition, this will serve to increase trade turnover and strengthen mutual business ties between the two friendly countries. In addition, the representatives of the South Kazakhstan region are cooperatng in agriculture, which is an important industry of Uzbekistan’s economy. In total, over 100 large enterprises from 13 countries took part in the fair.


 - The first day of the exhibition is going very well, many people are interested in this exhibition and interested in our products. We are engaged in the supply of chemical reagents for several countries.


 - The majority of companies are from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. We expect that with every year the exhibition will become more extensive and foreign companies will be attracted to participate. This will be beneficial for Uzbekistan’s industry. We expect that an agreement will be concluded following the results of the exhibition.