Kazakhstan as New Silk Road link leading to Europe

Kazakhstan is a key link in the transcontinental connection between China and Europe. The route built on the territory of several countries promotes growing economic interactions between the countries and an increase of cargo traffic. As part of the projects of the One Belt, One Road initiative cargo trains now travel from the Netherlands to China and depart from the Amsterdam dry port. Freight trains of Dutch transport and logistics companies travel nearly 11,000 kilometers in just 14-15 days. Almost 3,000 kilometers of this route go through the territory of Kazakhstan. Three trains in a week will be departing soon from Amsterdam to the East Chinese city of Yiwu. By 2020, the number of freight cars from the European Union to China will reach up to 5,000 per year.


 - This is a very interesting initiative because we ourselves get containers from South America via the road, now we can get the other way Venlo via the Silk Road way towards Kazakhstan and china. So you could bring food stuff all the way from here towards the Kazakhstan or Chinese market. Some logistics companies are in some regions, they are working on the Silk Road way. It is one of the roads towards new markets, but this is also road by train, so it doesn’t have very big capacities, but it is possible to do that. So certain products, certain market combinations that will be very interesting way of distributing your product.