Focus on investment cooperation

Attraction of foreign investment is one of the priority areas of Kazakhstan’s economy. Kazakh government performs a steady work on boosting investment attractiveness for foreign business. Representatives of Kazakhstan’s special economic zone “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” and South Korean Incheon free economic zone signed a cooperation memorandum. Officials of the Kazakh embassy in Seoul organized meetings between Kazakh delegation and big corporations. The South Korean party is interested in the implementation of the Kazakh “Nurly zhol” program and the Chinese One belt, One Road initiative and expanding of the Great Silk Road projects to the Busan sea port.


-  There are eight free economic zones in Korea. We constructed sea ports and airports. Specialists in all areas of economy and IT technologies conduct research works. We’re working on establishing a recreational center for children and constructed many resorts and casinos. We do it to attract tourists to Incheon. We are ready to share our fifteen year-old experience with the Kazakh partners.

Chinese entrepreneurs also think highly of Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness. They see great prospects in partnering with the Kazakh counterparts. A Chinese company will manufacture X-ray units in Aktobe. For this purpose, the company’s management plans to establish a joint enterprise or build a new plant in the Aktobe industrial zone. The initial talks were held in December in Beijing. The Chinese delegation visited the region afterwards to study the production facilities. If successfully implemented, the project will become another example of profitable integration of the “Nurly Zhol” program and One Belt, One Road initiative.


 - Kazakh government provided good conditions for foreign investors. We have political and institutional support. That’s why we hope that this project will be successful and will give the opportunity for our products to enter the markets in Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

There are interesting investment projects in Mangystau region as well. Arab businessmen have expressed their interest in these projects. They are ready to invest in the construction industry. The first joint project is going to be construction of a 35-storey multipurpose facility that combines a residential house and business centers. Such new developments can become an example of green technologies implementation in public utilities, heat conservation and autonomous electric power generation.


 - There are investors who are ready to invest today in residential and social facilities, to perform requests according to the general plan of city mayor’s office, invest in residential buildings such as hotels, residential houses that will be commercially implemented.

Experts say that foreign businessmen’s interest to Kazakhstan clearly demonstrates Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness, its accomplishments in creating favorable conditions for foreign investors and creating new projects.