Kazakhstan's meat products expand export opportunities

Kazakhstan's meat products expand export opportunities

Kazakh agrarians are building export opportunities. Meat producers are making a significant progress. The first broiler poultry factory in Western Kazakhstan that opened end of last year is already operating at full capacity. The frozen chicken meat has reached the markets not only in Uralsk, but neighboring Atyrau and Aktobe regions as well. Up to 3.5 million chickens will be raised here per season and over 7,000 tonnes of meat will go for sale. The enterprise has a full manufacturing cycle. The whole technology process is fully automated. Local farmers and meat-packing plants fully provide the residents of the region with horse meat, beef and mutton and export the goods to Russia, China, Belarus and Azerbaijan.


 - Last year, we exported 1,736 tonnes of beef and 505 tonnes of small ruminant meat, particularly, mutton. This work continues this year as well. From the beginning of the year, we have exported 347 tons of beef and 32 tons of mutton.  

Farmers of Kyzylorda region also intend to export meet products. For that purpose they plan to produce 100 tonnes of meat per year. A meat-processing plant will be built here this year. It will give the opportunity to export abroad not only livestock but also the meat products. Last year, the local farmers exported 2,500 lambs to Iran, Mongolia and the Arab Emirates. Kyzylorda producers are planning to export nearly 200 tonnes of beef in the upcoming three years.


 - This is a slaughter floor. We bought 500 heads of livestock. We have fulfilled all the requirements for the products to comply with international standards – we have joined the Eurasian Union, received Halal certificates from Astana and Malaysia. We are ready to export meat to any Muslim country.    

In the North Kazakhstan region, local farmers are planning to start producing brine shrimps and export them abroad. The project costs about 1 billion tenge. The area of the facility will be 5,000 sq m. The first production line is to be launched by the end of the year. Shrimp will be exported to China and supplied to the neighboring Russia. Brine shrimps are grown in seventeen water basins in the northern Kazakhstan.      


 - We are planning to open three factories to produce Arthemia cysts. We are going to produce up to 3,000 tonnes per year. We will produce up to 5,000 tons of fish products. We can provide fish products not only to our region, but to the nearby regions and the Russian Federation as well. And the third line will focus on feed additives.