Export potential of Yekibastuz Car Building Plant

The increase of Kazakhstan’s export potential stimulates cargo transportation. Accordingly, there is a growing need for renewal of rolling stock of rail transport. The Yekibastuz Car Building Plant is increasing its capacity. With the support of the state, the manufacture was modernized. The plant was equipped with new machines, which has no analogues in Central Asia. The modern manufacture became the flagship of the Yekibastuz Railway Cluster.


- I have been working for 6 years, specifically, from the first days of the plant's creation. Today the work is stabilized. May God bless us work and increase the volume in the manufacture of wagons.

Factory on manufacturing of railroad components and aggregates was specially created around this enterprise. In the next 5 years, nearly 10,000 freight wagons will be built here. The automated manufacture allows increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


- This is thermal cutting of metal. We cut the metal into a gondola car. The machine cuts some part, we do some manual job.

Five cars are manufactured at the plant a day. The management of the enterprise assures that there are real prerequisites for increasing production by 2 times. The laborers will work in four shifts instead of the former two.


- We received orders for 2,400 cars, including 270 universal platforms. The work is in a two-shift mode. In March, we are planning the four-shift operation mode. Also we will hire nearly 400 people. Now we are completing 108 cars.

The demand for freight cars in the country exceeds 32,000 units. Representatives of the enterprise believe that they will be able to meet this need. Designers of the plant have developed technology for construction of covered wagons. Grain trucks will be manufactured, too. Everything will be made of domestic materials. The plant is actively implementing the import substitution program.