Domestic agrarians are planning to promote their products to the markets of over 30 countries

Domestic agrarians are planning to promote their products to the markets of over 30 countries of the Persian Gulf, Africa and Central Asia. The main aim is to make domestic food products more recognizable in the world. This is the objective that the President of Kazakhstan has outlined in his Address. There is a good basis for the implementation of these plans in Pavlodar region. Local agrarians plan to deliver flour, buckwheat, lentil, barley and oats to foreign markets. There are preliminary agreements with partners in Turkey, Uzbekistan and China.


- Our first and foremost goal is grain processing, that we traditionally grow, as well as those crops that we have produced in 2017. They are oilseeds, particularly flax, beans – lentils, in particular, and cereals that we traditionally grow.

South Kazakhstan region shows good results as well. Here agricultural producers are increasing the export volumes of fruits and vegetables to Siberia. Russians are ready to purchase annually up to 300 thousand tons of products and distribute it through wholesale and retail networks in Novosibirsk and other cities. As the Russians note, the products from our country are special due to the price and quality balance. Another advantage is working in the common trade and economic space. Last year a cooperation memorandum has been signed between the regional “Ontustik” investment center and a wholesale and retail center in Novosibirsk. As part of these agreements, contracts were concluded in 2018 that will allow increasing the export.


- Products from South Kazakhstan region must take a rightful place together with the Uzbek products, at least to a half.

Foreign business has also noted the significant potential of Kazakhstan’s agroindustrial complex. According to Kazakhstan’s agriculture ministry, investors show interest to the sector. In the nearest time, a number of agricultural enterprises with the participation of foreign capital will open in Kazakhstan.