Kazakhstan increases exports of agricultural products

Kazakhstan is increasing exports of agricultural products. Since the beginning of this year, 5,000 tonnes of wheat was exported to Vietnam via the new transport corridor. According to the representatives of the Kazakh-Chinese Lianyungang Logistics Company, the flow of cargo through the border gate of Khorgos and Alashankou will increase in the near future. In addition, the goal of developing the China-Europe road is underway. These factors favorably affect Kazakhstan’s export opportunities. Through the Lianyungang seaport, 150,000 containers will be transported per year. By 2020, the number of containers might increase to 500,000.


 - We plan to increase the volume and quantity of cargoes from Kazakhstan. We can conduct the logistic turnover of not only grain, but also beef and chicken from Kazakhstan to South East Asia, and fruits and berries from South East Asia to Kazakhstan. Then the cost of transportation will be low, and accordingly the price of products won’t be high.

The meat processing enterprises are also increasing their export potential in Western Kazakhstan. Last year, the region was a leader which supplied frozen meat abroad, specifically; more than 1,500 tonnes of beef were exported. For example, the Ural Meat Packing Plant exported the 40 tonnes batch of mutton to Iran. The annual capacity of the enterprise is 10,000 tonnes which means nearly all the volume is exported. The full technological cycle from slaughter to shipment of batches takes more than three days. The meat is sent to chambers of a shock freezing. At a temperature of 18 degrees below zero on the Celsius scale, the products in vacuum packaging keep all their properties for up to a year.


 - Within several months of cooperation with the Kazakh Meat Processing Plants, we already sent 3,000 tonnes of meat to Iran out of which 250 tonnes were delivered from the Ural enterprise only. I bought meat in many countries of Europe, India, Brazil and Australia, but the highest quality of meat is in Kazakhstan. The production conditions are very good.


- To date, more than 200 tonnes of frozen mutton have been exported to Iran. By the end of this year, export contracts have been concluded with a number of the Iranian companies. We plan to increase the export potential, including Iran, Russia and China.

President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev in his address instructed to double the volumes of non-primary exports by 2025. He also highlighted that the agrarian policy should be aimed at increasing labor productivity and export growth of processed agricultural products.