By 2020, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will increase the volume of mutual trade to US$5 billion

By 2020, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will increase the volume of mutual trade to US$5 billion. Intensification of cross-border cooperation between the two countries will contribute to the volume increase of the mutual trade. The agreement was reached to establish a regional industrial zone of Karakalpakstan with border regions of Kazakhstan.


- We are preparing a special roadmap, which will allow us to develop cooperation in each industry like petrochemistry, metallurgy and development of the agro-industrial complex. In this respect, this roadmap will contribute to implementing joint innovative projects that will allow developing the regions.

Yerik Utembayev highlighted that logistics centers in Karakalpakstan are ready to work with Kazakhstan and have the opportunity to supply products to the Kazakh markets. In this regard, the potential of the Aktau and Kuryk seaports and the Aktobe transport hub can be used. The first batch of vegetables of this year from Uzbekistan has already been exported to Kazakhstan. In the future, Uzbekistan plan to supply cabbage, melons and watermelons.


 - This year we delivered the first shipment of tomatoes to Kazakhstan and Russia. All work is automated. With the help of a special system the plants are fertilized and fed automatically. Soon we will begin the second harvest. Products are environmentally friendly.

This year the measures to open a green corridor that connects Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and the Baltic countries are planned in Uzbekistan. Moreover, this year, Uzbekistan plans to double the export of fruit and vegetable products.