Investing into Kazakhstan

The flow of foreign capital has a positive impact on Kazakhstan’s economy. China is one of Kazakhstan’s largest investors. A Chinese company producing the agricultural and road machinery intends to build a plant in Kazakhstan. Representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Investment and Development and the leadership of YTO Group Corporation discussed prospects for implementing the project on Kazakhstan’s territory. To date, the company is one of the largest in its field in the world. According to deputy director Wang Ke Jung, with the successful operation of the plant, nearly 10,000 units of products will be assembled per year. The project also assumes the construction of a service and shopping center.


 - We sent several working groups to determine investment opportunities in Kazakhstan. As a result, we came to the conclusion that Kazakhstan is a country with a broad market and developed infrastructure in agriculture. Technology that we plan to produce will meet Kazakhstan’s climatic and geographical conditions.

Five major projects with foreign capital will be launched in the Karaganda region. A Swiss company has started construction of a modern mineral enrichment plant in the Zhairem village. The joint Kazakh-Belgian project which is a plant for producing lime will be realized in the Osakarovsky district. Construction of a defense industry plant and the ferrosilicon producing plant will be launched in the region soon. In addition, over 250 billion tenge is invested in the modernization and digital transformation of existing production facilities.


- The Smart Career project at the Shubarkol coal mine and the Digital Mine project at the gold mining enterprise are underway. All these changes will allow our enterprises to optimize the majority of production processes, cut costs and become more competitive.

Kazakhstan’s main investors are the USA, Germany, the UK, Japan, South Korea, France and etc. The countries are helping to develop The Kazakh economy. With the help of foreign investments it is possible to improve the country's industrial economy, modernize it and create new high-tech industries.