Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will produce up to 7,000 cars

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan plan to increase joint automobile manufacturing to 7,000 cars per year. In addition, the countries intend to establish production of agricultural machinery and buses. This was announced during the visit of the Kazakh Ambassador to Uzbekistan to the largest machine-building plant in Uzbekistan’s Andijan. This enterprise produces five types of cars, including small cars and large SUVs. 75% of the necessary automobile assembly parts are produced there. Most of these parts are exported to Kazakhstan.

The Uzbek specialists have developed a new model of an SUV. According to the representatives of the plant, if the project will be realized, it will be completely a domestic product.


 - We plan to start production of the new off-road vehicle in 2020. All necessary automobile parts will be produced in the plant. Every second a machine is exported from the assembly line. In the future, we want to increase this figure to 80%.

This year the increase of a number of jointly manufactured cars is one of the most important goals of the second stage of cooperation between the two countries in engineering. Thanks to the long-term strategic plan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan managed to create a new model of a car that is in demand both on the domestic and neighboring markets.


 - The industrial cooperation in mechanical engineering has great prospects. Agreements were reached to create next models, which will represent new opportunities. The new industrial revolution, which is laid out in the address of the President of Kazakhstan, gives a good motive for creating new types of industries that will be most competitive. There are agreements on the creation of a cluster of agricultural machinery, which will be in high demand in our market.

Uzbekistan has several technical and production zones. The passenger cars are produced in Andijan, buses are made in Samarkand and the agricultural machinery is manufactured in Tashkent. In the future, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are planning to create a joint large cluster for the production of cars and automobile parts.