Export of Kazakhstan car to China

Kazakhstan and China are increasing their export potential. Last year, nearly 1000 domestic cars were exported to China. The sale of cars of the Oskemen automotive assembly plant started in January 2017. Chinese consumers have already evaluated the quality of Kazakhstan's off-road vehicles. The Chinese consumers say that good technical characteristics of the Kazakh vehicles give the opportunity to compete with other cars in this price segmentation.   


 - When I drive in Beijing, many people get interested in my car. The people who find out about my car give me thumbs up by demonstrating their approval. I think the demand for Kazakhstan's Niva in China is considerable.

Today dozens of vehicles assembled in Kazakhstan are being driven in the streets of the Chinese capital. The entrepreneur believes that Kazakhstan needs to expand its exports in order to deliver cars to all regions of China.


 - Last year I bought a car that is manufactured in Kazakhstan at Khorgos. I immediately started driving the car in Beijing. This car can be considered as the evidence of comprehensive cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, or even a symbol of the One Belt, One Road Initiative.

Kazakhstan’s automotive assembly plant is the largest enterprise that produces cars in the country. The assembly and testing of machines are conducted with the help of the most modern equipment and the use of innovative technologies