Kyrgyzstan set to build exports of agricultural products

Integration opens up additional opportunities for economic development. This is well understood in the countries of Central Asia. The republics of the region are active participants in integrational processes both at the regional level and globally. Within the framework of cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Kyrgyzstan has increased its agricultural exports. According to the Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture, in 2017, growth rate of the food processing industry amounted to 112%. Exports of agricultural products to the markets of the EAEU grew 126% compared to the year before. This was achieved despite the fact that Kyrgyz manufacturers have not fully mastered all the Eurasian standards of product quality, labeling and packaging.


- In 2016, we were the pioneers and were the first to enter the market of the EAEU and we understood what we should work on. Market requirements are determined by three factors - price policy, volume, competitiveness and a systemic approach. Currently, Kyrgyzstan, as an agrarian country, is working on building trade within EAEU member states. Of course, to build an export capacity, we first need to automate and systematize out agro-industry.

Russia also offers its assistance in building the export capacities of the Kyrgyz farmers and agrarians. The volume of commodity circulation between agricultural producers of the two countries can be multiplied. The two states have already signed a joint memorandum on cooperation in agriculture. Within the framework of this document, the Russian side undertakes the task of improving the export infrastructure of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Kyrgyz food suppliers will be provided with specialized sales platforms. Together with this, a system of receiving and processing goods will be established.


 - "Thanks to our centers located in all the key cities of the Russian Federation, Kyrgyz manufacturers and suppliers will be able to access the shelves of Russian retail chains, refine their products, pack them up, and adapt them to the tasks of specific networks. Here, on our site, store and sell products to the hotel and retail business.

On the eve of the new agricultural season, the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov instructed the relevant departments and the ministry to build greater exports to foreign markets. The country intends to focus on creating all the necessary conditions for the development of farming. This looks like a timely measure given the great demand in the EAEU for Kyrgyz agricultural products.