Pharmaceuticals sector of Kazakhstan gains momentum

Developments in the domestic pharmaceutical industry are an indication of the innovational progress in the economy of Kazakhstan. This sector is considered highly profitable and fast-growing. Kazakhstan currently has 11 pharmaceuticals production factories. Most of them have been certified in accordance with international quality standards.

Covering the needs of the Kazakh patients for medications with a local production by at least 50% is challenge the Kazakh scientists are faced with. Therefore, pharmacists are increasing production of not only generics, but also the original products. A cluster of herbal drug manufacturers has already been created. More than 200 species of medicinal herbs grow on the territory of the republic, 20 of them grow only in Kazakhstan. 43 domestic drugs are at various stages of research, testing and implementation.


- We are working on the improvement of medicinal forms of drugs. We have a big project with a Belarusian company, with Moscow and Germany.

azakhstani scientists are constantly working on new developments to increase the share of domestic pharmaceutical products on the market. For example, Karaganda specialists invented biotechnological medications and treatment for patients suffering from hemophilia and cancer. The first shipment has already arrived in the Kazakh hospitals. Previously, the country had spent billions of tenge annually to purchase the drug from abroad. Import substitution will reduce the budget expenses by a third and exclude interruptions in supply. The production factoruy managers are planning to introduce 66 more socially important types of medications.


 - Kazakhstan producers are switching from producers of inexpensive and affordable products and into a more expensive segment that has a social focus. We also reduce the state's expenses.

Over the past three years, the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry has increased by 42%. Last year, the value of produced drugs exceeded 73 billion tenge. However, the potential of the industry is even higher. As experts note, for a more dynamic development of the pharmaceutical market, a close integration of science, production and education in the field of production technology is necessary. Such a measure will increase the production of original domestic medicines. Some medications labeled "Made in Kazakhstan" can already be found on the shelves of pharmacies in foreign countries.