Where are fish delicacies from Kazakhstan imported?

Where are fish delicacies from Kazakhstan imported?

Kazakhstan’s agricultural products are winning new markets. Another batch of pike perch fillet and dried Caspian vobla will be exported to Israel. This country became the tenth on the list after France, Germany, Austria, Lithuania and the CIS countries to import fish delicacies from Kazakhstan. The production cooperative in Atyrau region fulfills the tasks set by President Nazarbayev in the address to the nation. The Kazakh President has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the development of agriculture. The President wrote about the formation of Kazakhstani agrarian branch of in his book "The Era of Independence".


«Specific guidelines were set out for the Government and local authorities to address the problems of agriculture and farmers. General subsidies and irrevocable funding should be replaced by a policy of creating favorable profit making conditions for people. It was also necessary to determine the optimal model for internal migration and resettlement of rural residents in the future.»

High quality of Kazakhstani products corresponding to the European standard increases its demand abroad. Every country has its own requirements for the technology of processing, freezing, packaging and processing of goods. Kazakhstani products meet all the requirements.


 - We can process up to 3-4 tonnes of fish fillet a day. This is mainly pike perch, catfish, and carp. If there is a demand, then we produce more pike and carp.

The enterprise produces almost 50 types of products. The assortment includes dried and smoked, salted and fresh fish, balyks and sausages, rolls and sliced fish in vacuum packs. Production increased after small fishing teams united into a cooperative.


 - We have our self-propelled boats that can go to sea. We have our own factory. So, we have a full cycle production from catching fish to its full processing.

The cooperative exported over 2,000 tonnes of seafood to foreign markets last year. The company is planning to build a workshop for the production of canned fish. This will expand the export capacity.