Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are strengthening economic tie

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are strengthening economic ties. The growing indicators are the result of launched joint projects and expanded business contacts. According to the data of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan , last year the export and import operations between the countries amounted to US$142 million comparing to US$124 million in 2016. The share of Kazakhstan’s exports to Azerbaijan reached nearly US$108 million. According to experts, the growth trend will continue this year.  


- Our estimates show that there are good opportunities for increasing trade turnover. Despite the growth in indicators for the past year, opportunities arent used to a greater extent. I think that in the upcoming years we can increase the volume of the trade turnover to US$300 million. Im confident that 2018 will be positive in trade and economic relations, too.

A special dynamics is observed in transportation. The volume of handled cargo increased by nearly 300% compared to 2016. Astana and Baku paid a lot of attention to transport projects in 2017 and the results were obvious.


- I think that the completion of construction of the first stage of work on introducing terminals in the Alyat seaport will give an impetus to the increase in transportation. It is planned to increase from two million to five and then to 12 million. The plans are the same for Kuryk. Last year 1.2 million tonnes of cargo were handled. The next year 3 million tonnes are planned to be transported. The volume of transportation related to an improvement of logistics and port facilities of the Caspian region will contribute to the development of trade between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan has great prospects. In December of 2017, the republics adopted a road map. According to the agreement, it is planned to increase the trade turnover twice by 2020. The countries also intend to strengthen cooperation in energy. The issues of transportation of the Kazakh oil and gas to Europe through Azerbaijan will be considered.