Kazakhstan’s Agro-Industrial complex builds up export potential

Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex is increasing its export potential. This is facilitated by the successful development of agro-clusters. For example, more than 300 small farms of the Aktobe region have created a large formation. Feeding sites and a meat processing plant are created. The plant breeds livestock exclusively for meat producing. Products are exported to foreign markets.


 - We have feeding sites. We work with 17 anchor partners. Every year we receive a certain amount of cattle and feed them. We can say that the meat cluster is developing.

Over 5 years were spent to build and unite the reproducer, feeding sites and the meat processing plant. Today the meat cluster is fully formed in the region. The feeding site of a large agroforming has 8000 head of cattle. The automated system at the plant processes 15 head of pedigree cattle per hour. The plant produces several types of meat products. Production at the plant is non-waste. The leftover from bones are used for pet food.


- This is the finished product. This boneless meat for public catering is delivered in frozen condition. We export to the Russian Federation in small quantities. Next year, we will increase the amount of export.

The local canning shop concluded a contract with a number of the Russian regions. In addition, it is planned to supply products to military units. The Zhualy Cheese Plant of the Zhambyl region is joining the large market of the neighboring country, too. Thanks to the state support, production was modernized there. This year, the plant plans to increase its capacity by exporting more than half of its products.

Today the enterprise partners with 140 cooperatives and farms. They produce a range of products in demand on the market, specifically, 5 different types of cheese, 4 different kinds of milk and 2 sorts of butter. The products are environmentally friendly.


 - Our president always speaks about the need to increase production, improve quality and export. We also work in this direction. The factory has concluded the contract on deliveries with the Russian companies. We plan to export 60% of our products.