Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan will simplify road transport operations

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan will simplify road transport operations. A similar agreement was signed between Kazakhstan and more than 40 countries. As Kazakh Minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kasymbek noted, the cargo turnover between the two countries increased by one third, and transit traffic through Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan towards Georgia and Turkey has doubled in the past two years. The cargo traffic increased 10 times through the Kuryk port, it operates 1000 cargo vehicles per month now. As noted in the Ministry, the growth of Kazakhstan’s transit potential occurred not only due to the delivery of goods, but also due to passenger transportation. About 600,000 people crossed Kazakhstan on the way from Asia to Europe last year. Active development of the republic’s transit potential and attraction of cargo flows contribute to the creation of a large logistics hub in Central Asia.


- According to the instructions of the Head of State freight traffic should bring up to $5 billion revenue per year by 2020. At present, this amount is $1.5 billion. We expect that the transit from China through Kazakhstan to Europe will double in the next two years. Thus, we intend to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State.