Exports of agricultural products from the southern regions of Kazakhstan are growing

Exports of agricultural products from the southern regions of Kazakhstan are growing. Last year, over 7,000 600 tonnes of fish was processed in the Kyzylorda region and half of the products were exported. The demand for fish is growing not only in the CIS countries and Europe, but also in the neighboring China. This is one of the three factories that got the Eurocode. They process up to 1.5 tonnes of fish per day. Last year, the company's products were shipped to China.


 - We own a service center located in the Bogen village. We deliver the catch from the fishing grounds of Tastubek and Ush Shoky. There are several shops where we attract local residents for permanent and seasonal work.

Today, eight fish processing plants operate in the region with a total annual capacity of 11,000 tonnes. The export potential of enterprises has doubled in the past three years. To date, the region’s work is underway to improve the ecosystem of the Aral Sea area, particularly, to restore the gene pool of the Aral barbel and sturgeon which entered the red book, as well as to restore the stocking of reservoirs.


 - Last year, the region exported 3,400 tonnes of fish products. 70 percent of them, that is 2,200 tonnes, were sent to Russia, and over 900 tonnes - to European countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, and Poland. About 60 tonnes was shipped to China for the first time.

In Zhambyl region, the local meat factory began to supply its products to foreign markets. The company has sent over 200 tonnes of meat for export in the past three months of 2017. This year, the meat-packing plant is planning to supply about one ton of lamb to Iran and Bahrain. The enterprise that has undergone reconstruction is capable of processing up to 1500 heads of small and 300 heads of big cattle.


 - The enterprise was fully modernized. New equipment from Iran and Pakistan freeze the meat to negative 50 degrees. 100 million tenge was invested in the new system for briquetting products. We have concluded long-term cooperation agreements with Iran and Bahrain.