U.S. investments in Kazakhstan

The United States is one of Kazakhstan's leading investment partners. Between January and October 207, the trade turnover between the countries amounted to more than US$1 billion 300 million. Kazakhstan exports metals and products as well as chemical products to the U.S, and imports cars and equipment from America. Since 2005, the american companies have invested nearly US$30 billion in the Kazakh economy, mainly in energy, transport, communications and mining industries.


 - The economic ties between Kazakhstan and the United States have always been good. Despite the fact that the countries are located far away geographically; our ties with America have never been interrupted. They have helped us to develop the extractive industries whereas we are developing high-tech industries with the American side.

Today, the United States is one of the three largest investors in Kazakhstan. A number of the US companies are actively working here. The investors are attracted by profitability of projects and further expansion. Kazakhstan as one of the region’s stable states is of considerable interest to the United States. In addition, according to businessmen, Kazakhstan has made some progress in creating a favorable investment climate.


 - It took great courage and trust by the president and its partners to begin the first significant foreign investment in Kazakhstan. That courage, trust and cooperation continues today and over the years TSO has continued to invest in the company, in the country. Since 1993 over U$123 billion has been added to the Kazakhstani economy by TSO.

Today, Kazakhstan has nearly 500 companies with the American participation. More than 140 of the companies are joint projects with Kazakhstan. They are engaged in production of goods and export of products to other countries.