Export potential of Aktyubinsk region

Kazakh producers are increasing their export potential. Aktobe region has alone shipped goods worth $964 million to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in the past ten months. The main share, namely 96% of goods, was shipped to the Russian market. They include metals, ferroalloys and rails produced at the local enterprises, and also oil, oil products, chrome and copper. Beef, pork and milk exports are expected to increase in 2018. High-quality food is in high demand in the neighboring country. The total turnover of the Aktobe region plants amounted to more than $4 billion last year. If exports reached $3.3 billion, then the volume of imports to Kazakhstan is at the level of $0.9 billion. Most of the imported goods are from China, Japan and Russia.


 - We have a ferroalloy plant and the Aktobe rail plant. We have a great export potential thanks to their products. In total, exports amounted to U.S. $3.3 billion in the past ten months, 56% of which accounted for metal products. The remaining 40% account for mineral products, oil and gas and other chemicals. 

14 projects have been implemented in Aktobe region as part of the accelerated industrial-innovative development program. The first ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware production plant will soon be launched in the region as well. It will produce 5 million square meters of finished products using Italian technology. The project is worth 6 billion tenge. The new enterprise will create nearly  200 new jobs.


 - We used to produce ceramic tiles in the Khromtau district. But this one is completely different. Only advanced technologies will be used at the new the plant. Equipment for this enterprise is being assembled in Italy. Specialists will deliver and install the equipment, and train the local workers.

17 large projects worth 127 billion tenge are part of the state industrial development program for 2015-2019. Fourteen of them have been implemented in the last two years. Most of the enterprises focus on the production of metal products, building materials and minerals. Production has also been established to produce coating for children's playgrounds and sports grounds from recycled tires.


 - 71 investment projects have been implemented as part of the first five-year plan of accelerated industrial-innovative development program. 17 more projects will be launched in 2015-2019. In particular, four investment projects were implemented in 2017; among them are the production of oil equipment, the production of antifreeze and chemical reagents, and production of metal and metal structures.

Most new plants are located in a specially created industrial zone. The number of industrial map projects for the second five-year plan will continue to grow.