In 2017, Kazakhstan retained its share in the marketplace for grain and flour

In 2017, Kazakhstan retained its share in the marketplace for grain and flour. The country exports its goods to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The grain supplies to these countries increased by more than 360 thousand tonnes. Akmola region shipped 140,000 tonnes of flour in the past ten months. The flour milling plant in the Shortandy district delivers its products to buyers in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The high-tech enterprise processes over 200,000 tonnes of wheat per day. It also has a granary and warehouse for storing finished products with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes. Kazakhstani flour is in high demand abroad, the newly modernized milling plant’s workers say.


 - We work around the clock. We do not interrupt the process at all because the demand in Kazakhstani flour is very high on the market. We have organized direct delivery from the bunkers to the wagons to reduce the cost of flour. This made our products cheaper and more competitive.


Online grain sales will be launched in Kazakhstan in the near future. A specially developed program will begin to operate starting from January 15. Agricultural producers will not only be freed from paperwork, but will also have a number of advantages. Since the introduction of electronic grain receipts, the Kazakh farmers need only a computer, Internet connection and an electronic digital signature to sell wheat or other grains. Government officials from the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture suggested that soon statistics will be collected online, and farmers will be required to adopt precision farming techniques used in developed countries for many years.