Kazakh producers have significantly expanded the range of products for export

Kazakh producers have significantly expanded the range of products for export. Granite producers will soon start exporting granite slabs to neighboring countries. The plant located in the Akmola region is ready to expand its export capacity. It is establishing trade relations with Russia. The first steps have been already made. The plant has already shipped more than a thousand square meters of granite slabs to its new marketplace.


 - Previously, we used to import monolithic blocks from other regions. Then we bought our own quarry in May 2017. Now we have access to raw materials. All products are export-oriented. We receive many orders from Russia. We are planning to open our branches there.

The plant turns an unusually beautiful stone into a durable finishing material. Dozens of specialists are working in two shifts here. Many of them took training in China. Raw materials can now be extracted in Kazakhstan after the introduction of the modern equipment, necessary technologies, and opening of the own quarry.

The entrepreneurs in Kyzylorda region will produce quartz sand for export. In the Karmakshy district, the quartz sand plant is going to reach the planned capacity of 80 thousand tonnes of products per year. It has significantly increased the volume of mining and processing of ore in the past several years. The plant has its own quarry now, and therefore doesn’t have to purchase the raw material from outside any longer. The quarry’s area is 23 hectares. The quartz sand was produced in the Karmakshy district before, particularly for construction of Baikonur space complex infrastructure. At present, quartz helps to improve the most prioritized industries in the region.


 - Our main partners are uranium mining companies, as well as the largest sulfuric acid plant in the region. Application of modern technology allows us to produce quartz sand of different fractions for the glass, road construction and other industries.

The management of both plants believes that the combination of affordable prices and good quality of the produced goods will make the Kazakh granite and quartz competitive in the world construction markets. They are planning to expand the marketplace and reach the planned capacity.