Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan: Partnership expansion

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are building up mutually beneficial cooperation. The trade turnover between the countries grew by one third. The strategic partners developed a special Road Map to increase the volume of exports and imports in the coming years. It will create a pharmaceutical and cotton clusters, as well as a number of joint ventures for deep wheat processing. Uzbekistan will implement more than 160 large-scale investment projects this year. The neighboring country invited businessmen from Kazakhstan and other countries to take part in them. Kazakh Ambassador Yerik Utembayev outlined the main points of the Roadmap.


 - The water supply Road Map was very effective. We have shown that water is a source of friendship, we showed the whole Central Asia a new model of cooperation.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are strengthening cooperation in the transport sector. Direct railway tickets to Kazakhstan have fallen in price in Uzbekistan since January. A flexible discount system works on terms of in-advance purchase. Uzbek citizens will be able to save up to 45% of the ticket price. According to experts, the discount will attract the bigger number of passengers, and thus increase rail transport’s competitiveness.