Kazakhstan is one of the world leaders in flour exports

Kazakhstan is one of the world leaders in flour exports. In 2016, the republic supplied 2 million 334 thousand tonnes of flour abroad, thereby having set up a record. Experts note that according to the results of this year, Kazakhstan’s flour milling enterprises have approached to the same figure again. The main consumers of the Kazakhstani flour are the countries of Central Asia. There are about 350 small mills in Kazakhstan. One of them is in the Shortandy district of Akmola region. The enterprise supplies products to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. A high-tech enterprise processes over 200 tonnes of wheat per day and produces up to 150 tonnes of flour per day.


- We work around the clock. We do not interrupt the process at all, because the demand for Kazakhstani flour is very high in the market.

The high quality flour easily conquered a niche in foreign markets. The enterprise constantly introduces new technologies, modernizes production lines. The milling plant spent 56 million tenge to modernize the equipment this year. It runs its own warehouse for storing finished products with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes. The Akmola region exported 140,000 tonnes of flour in 10 months.

Aktobe's producer of pasta is also actively conquering foreign markets. Among the buyers are the countries of Central Asia and Russia. It is planned to arrange supplies to China. The plant processes 550 tonnes of wheat per day. Kazakhstani flour is used to produce dozens types of products, including 30 varieties of macaroni. They also produce zhaima and kespe on modern Italian equipment. All products are enriched with useful ingredients.


 - We check the finished products for compliance with quality standards. Then we send the goods to the store. We also export flour. We produce pasta. The demand for our products is very high.

The plant has been supplying products to Armenia and Azerbaijan since last year. Export volumes to Russia are growing as well. Products are sold in the Urals region, in Tomsk and Arkhangelsk. Annual contracts for the supply of products will be concluded this month.  


 - "We export our product to foreign markets, as well as to the market of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. The first batch was sent to Afghanistan in the summer. We received a very good feedback. Our national product is in demand there. Next year, we are planning to produce ready-made products, ready-made breakfasts, ready-made cereals.

The milling plant processes 120,000 tonnes of grain a year and produces 90,000 tonnes of flour and 12,000 tonnes of ready-made pasta. The volumes of products as well as the assortment will increase thanks to modernization carried out under the state support.