Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are planning to increase the volume of mutual trade to $5 billion before 2020

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are strengthening mutual cooperation. The countries are planning to increase the volume of mutual trade to $5 billion before 2020. According to experts, the "road map" adopted this year will facilitate the trade growth, will give impetus to expanding the investment opportunities of the two states, and increase mutual trade and joint work in various fields of the economy.


 - Kazakhstan and Uzbeksitan are fraternal states. We have made great progress over the years. By the end of the year, we will reach up to $2 billion. These are very high indicators that allowed Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan position themselves as the states that are responsible for stability in Central Asia and creators of this stability.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are establishing contacts in transport and tourism. Special routes have been developed for tourists who will be able to travel along the Great Steppe and the Silk Road. In addition, Tashkent-Shymkent direct flights and highway link will be launched soon. Rail and road transport logistics are developing. The removal of barriers and optimization at border checkpoints create favorable conditions for mutual trade.


 - Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have close relationship. The leaders of the two countries have intensively developed cooperation within a year. Supporting our presidents, we can achieve even greater success.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are strategic partners. As experts noted, Uzbekistan gains access to the European Union through Kazakhstan. In addition, the Silk Road is the basis not only for the development of the two states, but also for the Central Asia countries in general. This year, the leaders of the countries held several important meetings, adopted joint political decisions. There are several treaties on cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: on eternal friendship, on strategic partnership and other agreements.