The Aktau bitumen plant has contributed to the export potential

Kazakhstan is not only providing the country with domestic products, but also is entering the foreign markets. The Aktau bitumen plant has contributed to the export potential. Production of innovative polymer-modified bitumen is established which is necessary for construction of high-speed trails. According to experts, the technical characteristics prove that products are suitable for all roads and climatic zones.


 - Today we have already reached the point when  the plant brings profit commercially. The next year we have to complete the production of bitumen of around 300,000 tonnes for internal needs.

The Aktau bitumen plant is one of the most successful which is introduced as part of the forced industrial innovation development program. In January 2017, 650 tonnes of the bitumen for roads were exported to Uzbekistan for the first time. Today the plant has the opportunity to export high-quality products not only to the Central Asian countries, but also to China. The first batch of 60 tonnes of material in special big bags has already been shipped to China.


 - The export demand for bitumen made up 600,000 tonnes in 2017. This demand is directly related to the producers of bitumen. Today there are 4 enterprises producing bitumen in Kazakhstan. The total design capacity of the enterprises amounts to 1 million tonnes of bitumen per year. According to forecasts of the Ministry of Development and Investment, this figure will increase to 800,000 next year.

Today, the plant fully meets the demand of the domestic market in the high-quality bitumen for roads. It is used for constructing international transport corridors as well as roads of national importance as part of the Nurly Zhol program. The company plans to increase the production capacity and create new jobs. Moreover, the enterprise intends to conduct research with scientists in oil refining.