Polish businessmen expressed interest in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex

Polish businessmen expressed interest in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex. At the last joint business forum in Warsaw, the Kazakhstan’s delegation presented the export potential and told the participants about the conditions, opportunities and support programs for foreign entrepreneurs.


 - In accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, we are conducting a policy on diversification of the acreage, that is, we are sowing the oilseeds instead of wheat, and the relevant work is being carried out in this direction. We are attracting those companies that are interested in processing. This is processing of meat, dairy products and most importantly – wheat processing.


 - Many Polish companies are ready to invest in Kazakhstan. We are an agricultural cluster, and therefore interested in agriculture in a wide range from entrepreneurship to the production of machinery. Both small firms and big concerns are ready for cooperation. Therefore, I think that our cooperation will bear fruits soon.

The business forum proved that Polish businessmen are interested in Kazakhstan’s agriculture. Export center of agro-industrial complex and the Polish-Kazakhstani agricultural cluster signed an agreement on shipment of 10,000 tonnes of flax seed and 2,000 tonnes of mustard seeds until 2018.

Another important agreement has been concluded. A new innovative method of growing strawberries will be introduced in Kazakhstan. A pilot project on the introduction of modern technologies will be implemented in the Aktobe region. To begin with, the strawberries will be planted on the territory of one hectare. Later the cultivated area will be extended. It is planned to export the berries and sell them in the western region.


 - It is good that we are the first in Kazakhstan to adopt this technology. This method is called aquaponics, cultivating plants in water, that is, we are growing strawberries in sleeves without substrates and without soil. Aquaponics lets avoid disease and pests, use less fertilizers and obtain organic products, and makes it easier to grow plants.

Kazakhstan is not only a very promising market for Poland. The European partners are also attracted by the transit potential. They consider Kazakhstan as the gateway to Asia, and the access to the export markets of China and the EAEU countries. Therefore, Poland is interested in building cooperation.