Kazakhstan increases export volume to China

Kazakhstan is increasing the export volume to China. Since the beginning of the year, domestic manufacturers have exported goods worth US$3.5 to billion to China. The products like rapeseed oil and sunflower oil are in demand. Within 9 months China imported 1000 tonnes of rapeseed and sunflower oils which amounted to 400 million tenge. Production of oilseed crops in northern Kazakhstan started in December 2016. Since then the automated warehouse of raw materials, oil meal, press room and oil refining have been introduced. The Chinese company has invested 6 billion tenge in the factory.


- As you might know, China is a big country. We need to ensure the food security. The whole world is switching to genetically modified foods. We are moving away from it. Our motto is green products. We chose Kazakhstan because it has clean air, land and water. Natural products are cultivated here. The value is in its cleanness and this is why this product is in high demand in China.

In total, Kazakhstan is implementing 51 joint projects with China. The total amount of investments is US$27 billion. This amount includes investments, loans and equipment for the Kazakh companies. Currently, in addition to production in the North Kazakhstan region, there are 4 functioning projects. Another 7 projects are underway.


- Currently, there are 4 projects: polypropylene production, assembly of cars in the Kostanai region, and a logistics terminal, the Khorgos-East Gate project. Another 7 projects are underway. They will be launched at the end of this year or early the next year.

The company plans to export approximately 15,000 tonnes of vegetable oil to China. Besides China, the company exports goods to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and etc.