New warehouse at Kazakhstan’s terminal

 New warehouse at Kazakhstan’s terminal

Construction of a new universal warehouse was completed at the Grain Terminal located on the territory of the Free Port in Ventspils, Latvia. The trans-shipment point of a Kazakh company will significantly expand the list of transshipped cargoes. The new warehouse will has turned the terminal from highly specialized grain shipment point into a universal port for transshipment of any kinds of agricultural products arriving by the Baltic Sea and departing from the port. The total capacity of the free port has increased from 70,000 to 100,000 tonnes of various cargoes.


- If previously we could handle deep-sea vessels and load Panamax worth more than 75,000 tonnes to export wheat and barley, today the availability of a universal warehouse allows us, first, to load agricultural exports of a wide range like bagasse, corn, sunflower, flax and rapeseed. In addition, we have the opportunity to import goods like raw sugar, soybeans and soybean foods.

The new warehouse is equipped with bunker scales to load ships, a station for wagons as well as with new technological lines for loading and unloading ships and land transport. According to the local mayor's office, Kazakh investors are developing the infrastructure and creating new opportunities for the port of Ventspils.


- This warehouse can store approximately 30,000 tonnes of any type of agricultural products, which will make it possible to use the rest of the port infrastructure more efficiently. This means it is faster and cheaper to unload railway wagons and load vessels. This will allow our port to retain more advantages than its competitors. It is very important for the city to develop this terminal since new jobs are created for its residents and taxes are paid to the local public budget. Today more than 60 people are working at the terminal.

The management of the Port of Ventspils also highlights that thanks to the construction of the new warehouse, the total throughput of the Grain Terminal will increase to 2 million tonnes of cargo per year.


- We are very glad that there are entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to develop their competitiveness and to deliver other goods, which they havent tried yet. Therefore, this is a truly pleasant and significant date for the port.

As a result of the project, the Ventspils Grain Terminal has become one of the most modern and competitive terminals in the Baltic Sea.