Innovations in agriculture

Kazakh agrarians actively apply innovations to solve issues in the industry. Owing to modern know-how in agriculture, the agrarians grow fruits and vegetables that were previously incapable of surviving in the continental climate. The Kyzylorda region expects to plant a citrus plantation. The agrarians intend to settle the cultivation of lemons on an industrial scale. Before the beginning of the work, the experimental planting of fruits has been already conducted. In order to expand the greenhouse business, the entrepreneur received the 10 million tenge soft loan.


- We are ready to provide our own region with our products. We plan to grow and supply the citrus to the market. We planted a few samples which were successfully rooted. The soil is suitable. There is a very little thing to do to change the microclimate and everything will be fine.

In addition, Kazakhstan intends to plant sweet potatoes. This was voiced at  a conference in Seoul. According to Sang-Soo Kwak, research director at Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, the experimental batata has been planted in three regions of Kazakhstan since 2014. The results surpassed the expectations of scientists. Kazakhstan’s sweet potato harvest was twice as large as in South Korea. The sweet potato is rich in vitamins and helps preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other diseases. According to Sang-Soo Kwak, Kazakhstan is ideal place for planting the sweet potato.


- Up to day, research has been conducted at the expense of the Korean side. As far as I know, Kazakhstan’s National Center for Biotechnology receives the fund from the Asian Bank for the sweet potato cultivation. We closely cooperate with the Institute of Biology in Almaty. The large agro-company and this institute expect to plant sweet potatoes on a large area.

The Semey scientists developed a new hybrid: tomatoes and potatoes can be obtained from one bush. Student at the Shakarim State University, Zhansaya Mukhametkali was engaged in crossing vegetables for a year under the guidance of her teacher Baktygali Sarsembayev. The seedling was planted in greenhouses of the agrarian faculty and eventually gave its first harvest. In the future a group of researchers plans to create a hybrid of a cabbage and a radish.


 - Tomatoes and potatoes are two cultures of the same family, Solanaceae. We can use the land area in a rational way. This can solve many problems of our vegetable planters. Initially, it was just a scientific interest, but in the future I'm thinking of writing a thesis and further studying the topic "Hybrids of tomatoes and potatoes".

According to experts, implementation of effective scientific developments will increase the Agro Industrial Complex to a high level.