Industrial Modernization

The establishment of high-tech and competitive productions is one of the priorities of Kazakhstan's economic development. Modernization of enterprises plays an important role in implementing the technologies. The process of modernizing enterprises is being finished in 20 industries of the Aktobe region. Among them are. In total, 12 billion tenge were invested in upgrading of oil and mining companies, manufacturers of construction materials, heat and electricity companies.

The Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant is introducing the new method of waste disposal. The dust, trapped in the gas collection facilities during the ferroalloys melting, is converted into brakes. They are widely used in various sectors of the mining and metallurgical complex. According to producers, this makes the process of the melting metal economically profitable and solves a number of environmental issues. 1 billion tenge was invested in the project.


- until 2021, the enterprises will invest 500 billion tenge into the modernization. Next, we are focusing on the agreement on the Road Map with every company and the verification of the clock is underway. The most important thing is the state support of projects with local executive bodies and other institutions for the enterprises that are currently participating in this program.

The Zhilgorodok electrical substation was exploited in 1963, today is the main participant of the investment program of the enterprise. Nearly 700 million tenge million have been invested in the reconstruction of the electrical substation.


- The power supply of the substation to 110 kilovolts and the construction of a new line with a substation of the processing of wool is being provisioned. This gives us the opportunity to bring the substation line out of the residential area. It will only be used in emergency or repair modes. In addition, we increase the capacity of this substation, which will give about 60% of the power increase.

Next year, a comprehensive modernization is planned at one of the largest instrument-making plants in Almaty. The company has been producing appliances for electricity metering for a quarter of a century as well as related equipment for service and maintenance of electricity networks.


- We pour the socles, the housings on the counters and certain details. In this sector, eight employees are involved in injection molding for 8 machines. All the machines are loaded. We pour LED products, ceiling products and mostly the cap, shell and details.

The plant is proud of developing its own software package Automated commercial electricity metering system. The high-tech system collects the data of consumed electricity from the metering devices of enterprises, institutions and utilities. Then the data is analyzed and the program provides information on the effectiveness of consumption. Nearly all large cities of Kazakhstan are now equipped with the complex. A part of the devices is exported to neighboring countries.


- We have installed a pilot project of the automated commercial electricity metering system in Kyrgyzstan. This is an automated system for the commercial accounting of electrical power. This is also a kind of automation and modernization of the electricity metering system.

According to the analytical agency Energyprom, over the past year Kazakhstan's manufacturers have increased the output of electrical equipment by more than one third which is, in monetary terms, more than 85 billion tenge.