Development of International Cargo Transportation

 Development of International Cargo Transportation

One million tonnes of cargo was serviced at the Kuryk port. The Azerbaijani ferry, “Akademik Zarifa Aliyeva,” conducted the carriage. Until the end of 2017, the port’s management plans receive and ship up to one million two hundred thousand tonnes of cargo. From the beginning of the year the Kuryk port has supervised movement of more than 200 ferry and dry cargo ships. The Kazakh grain, coal, oil products, fertilizers as well as imported fruits and vegetables from Georgia, confectionery and furniture from Ukraine are exported through the Kuryk port.


- On the day of Industrialization, the President launched the Kuryk port a year ago. Today this start resulted in tangible outcomes. With the plan of transporting 540,000 tonnes by the end of the year, the Kuryk port has accomplished a million tonnes of cargo transportation.

The Kuryk Port cooperates with the Azerbaijani port at Alyat. The goods pass through these ports. It is planned to expand the ferry communication with Turkmenistan and Iran. The Kuryk port is an active participant of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route.


- Now the Kuryk port operates the goods coming from China. The Kuryk port is a key part of the TMT route (ТМТ маршрут). Thus, the Kuryk port has expanded our sea gate.

An automobile ferry complex is actively being constructed. The construction will end December. Previously, the ferries with cars on them passed through the Aktau port. Today, the ferries will pass through the Kuryk port. The pier of the port’s automobile component is the second stage of the construction. With its completion, the Kuryk port will reach its designed capacity and will be able to handle up to 6 million tonnes of cargo per year.