Inflow of foreign investments

Investments inflow is growing in Kazakhstan. Experts highlight that foreign businessmen finance not only traditional commodity and processing sectors but also construction industry. Serbian investors are ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan in this sphere. Representatives of one of the largest Serbian companies arrived in Taldykorgan. The company’s head Bozho Jankovic noted the company’s representative office has been recently opened in Kazakhstan, but the republic’s rapid development in the economic and industrial terms is facilitating the cooperation. The company is ready to build hotels, hostels and accommodations. Almaty region is attractive in terms of erecting modular buildings since they meet all modern requirements, and most importantly they provide seismic stability.  


- The main advantage of the modular method is short construction time. For instance, we are building a number of school buildings in the UK. According to the traditional construction design and technology of such buildings, it will take 40 months, but our technology lets build them just in three months. Therefore, we are ready to cooperate.

A joint Kazakh-Chinese project is being implemented in the Shiyely district of Kyzylorda region. The construction of the oil well cement manufacturing plant for the needs of the oil and nuclear industry was launched here as part of the industrial and innovative development program. The project will cost investors 62 billion tenge. The plant’s capacity is about one million tonnes of oil well cement per year. 46 hectares of land were allocated for the plant’s construction in the local industrial zone. The bored piles foundation has been laid.


- The availability of raw materials and the use of new technologies will let us ensure an optimal price-quality ratio. 98% of raw materials are available in the region. This is sand, dolomite, lime and rubble. The remaining components, that are 1.2%, will be imported from abroad.

It is expected that the plant will release its first production in December next year. Another cement production plant will be launched in the region in 2018 with a help of foreign investment.


- 142 billion tenge have been attracted in the region since the beginning of the year. The growth made up 8% compared to same period last year. A number of large scale projects are being implemented in the region, including a glass factory and the production of vanadium with the participation of British investors.

According to analysts, the task set by the Head of State to establish joint ventures in priority sectors of the economy is now being successfully implemented in all regions of Kazakhstan. Such projects demonstrate that foreign investors are truly interested in building up economic cooperation.