Who buys Kazakh meat and caviar?

Promotion of Kazakhstani products to foreign markets is a strategic task. Kazakhstani agricultural producers are expanding the volumes and geography of the non-primary exports. The first batch of lamb was shipped from West Kazakhstan region to Iran; agreements on the supply of meat to Russia and China have been concluded. Kazakh producers are planning to export 2,000 tonnes of beef before the end of the year. More than 200 tonnes of lamb has been exported to foreign markets. Modern meat-processing complex that opened last year is contributing to the increase in the volume of supplies. The capacity of the workshops is up to 10,000 tonnes per year.


 - The complex includes a slaughterhouse, collapsible, cutting and shaping shops. Our factory is equipped with 12 medium temperature and deep freezing cameras. There is a shock frost camera as well. This is a high-tech camera that preserves all properties, proteins, amino acids of the meat.

All production facilities of the plant are equipped with European air conditioning and ventilation systems. The company is focused on the export of chilled meat in vacuum packaging. Raw materials are supplied by local farms.


 - This plant is following all international standards. The quality of meat is very high, we are also satisfied by veterinary requirements. We collect nearly 20 tonnes of frozen meat during the first shipment; the contract was concluded for 10,000 tonnes of meat.

The South Kazakhstan region is building exports of chicken. This year, the region has produced nearly 6,000 tonnes of poultry meat. According to the agriculture department, the volumes of production will grow in the upcoming years. With a growing production, the local farmers are planning to start exporting the excess of products. 20 farmers of the Tole bi district have united to establish a big poultry farm. They are planning to start production of poultry meat worth 160 tonnes a year starting from next year. The producers are already negotiating supply contracts.


 - This is a pilot project which has no analogues. Therefore, 2.5 hectares of land was allocated. We have also built a good tram of poultry. We trained these people and then began building the necessary infrastructure.

Farmers of Eastern Kazakhstan intend to enter the European market. They will export sturgeon caviar. The first specialized farm has been opened in the region. 1.5 tonnes of small fry was brought from Almaty. In order to speed up the growth of the small fry, the pools have been equipped with automatic heating and water purification systems. According to the technologists’ calculations, in 2018 the enterprise will reach its production capacity. In a year, the producers will be able to process 45 tonnes of meat and later they will start producing their own caviar.


 - We are targeting the neighboring markets for meat exports. We will primarily export caviar to our next-door neighbors in Russia. Then we will look further and see if exporting caviar to Europe is profitable.

The increase in export volumes of Kazakh agricultural products is an obvious outcome. The high quality of organic products is allowing the local producers to enter the new market and find new partners.