Which regions of Kazakhstan attract investments?

Kazakhstan is becoming more attractive for investors. The republic, like many other countries, has been doing lots of work to strengthen its investment attractiveness in the recent years. At present, foreign investors are ready to implement new projects in special economic zones (SEZ) of Kazakhstan. This was announced in Aktau at an international forum. The participants were told about the special conditions created for SEZ residents and presented successful projects that have been launched. There are about 160 investment projects on the territory of Kazakhstan's SEZ, 20% of them have foreign capital. More than 11,000 people are involved. "Morport-Aktau" special economic zone oriented to the oil and gas and construction industries sparked interest among investors from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, Hungary and other countries. Six memorandums in the field of oil and gas, transport and logistics have been signed after the meeting with them.


- Worldwide leader producing OCTG products meaning oil country tubular goods, oil country tubular goods these are pipes especially for oil and gas industry.

Investment forum in Taldykorgan brought together representatives of about 70 companies. Potential partners from Turkey, Russia, China, Germany and South Korea visited Taldykorgan’s industrial zone. There are two projects: an enterprise for the production of synthetic detergents and the vegetable oil producing plant. The construction of the oilseed crops processing plant is underway. New enterprises will process meat and wool, produce baby food, pectin and manufacture automobile parts.


- In the upcoming days, we will begin construction of a meat processing plant with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes of meat products per year. We will produce approximately 80 different goods. In addition, we plan to build a feedlot for 5 to10 thousand head of cattle. The products will be export-oriented.

Entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries visited "Zhambyl Invest - 2017" forum in Uzyn-agash village in Almaty region. As experts noted, more than 10 projects with the participation of international capital successfully operate in the region, and the volume of investments in the real sector of the economy exceeded 30 billion tenge. The Zhambyl district can become a major regional hub for foreign investments and international cooperation. One of the key factors boosting the development is the improved infrastructure and transport and logistics system of the region, experts say.


Under the Silk Road program, we are building the Western Europe - Western China highway. The longest part of the road which is 104 kilometers passes through the Zhambyl region. This gives the chance to logistics to create favorable conditions for investments by international companies.

According to investors, the success of implemented projects is determined by the state’s support policy for international business. Kazakhstan occupies one of the best positions in the world in terms of investor protection. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking of 2017, Kazakhstan takes the third place out of 190 countries in terms of Protecting Minority Investors.


- The benefits are huge and important. This is obvious and Kazakhstan needs to make big investments in order to attract investors. This is just the same situation that happened in Hungary in the early 1990s, when we created great investment opportunities for the purpose of inviting international companies to work in Hungary.

Kazakhstan’s profitable aspects for investment include a good location, transit potential, rich natural resources, socio-economic and political stability. The additional advantage is the access to markets which draws attention of foreign business. The EAEU has opened new prospects for the country. The total market of participating countries exceeds180 million consumers.