Kuryk port development

Kazakhstan seeks to increase its share in the maritime market. Kuryk is an important point on the logistics map of Eurasia. Construction of the second complex is ongoing. 44 objects have been put into operation, which allows handling cargoes from ferries.


- We will not compete with the seaport. We are going to transship the oversized cargo like it is done in the Yersai terminal. We will only compete with them. They have different cargo, their job is different.

More than 160 ferries have passed through the port since the commissioning of the railway complex. At present, more than seven hundred thousand tonnes of cargo have been shipped. This is mainly coal, food and materials obtained after the processing of oil waste. 1 million 300 thousand tonnes will be shipped from the port by the end of the year, and twice more in 2018. The maximum capacity of up to 7 million tonnes of cargo will be reached by 2020 after the launch of the car ferry. Such ferries will carry passengers, freight forwarders and drivers.

Starting from December, cars which used to be transshipped in the port of Aktau, will pass through Kuryk port. It is expected that next year their number will be 15-20 thousand units per year.


- This will allow us to ensure transportation and transshipment of cargo vehicles coming from Turkey, Ukraine to Kazakhstan, and Central Asia. The port's capacity will be more than 7 million tonnes of cargo per year by the end of 2017.

Construction of the road connecting Aktau with the port of Kuryk was launched in Mangystau region. 10 billion tenge was allocated for construction of the strategically important 22 kilometers. It is expected that the two-lane highway of the third technical category will be completed by the end of the year.


- At present, we are building the Beineu railway at the border with Uzbekistan. We are planning to complete it next year. The construction of the Atyrau-Astrakhan railway is also underway. These railways will increase the turnover and reduce the time of delivery of goods from Uzbekistan, Russia and China. All this will open new opportunities for our entrepreneurs and the economy of the country as a whole.

The Kuryk ferry complex will not only ensure multimodal transportation of cargo, but will also become an important link of the Trans-Caspian international transport route. This is one of the promising transport corridors in Eurasia, which runs from China through the territory of Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the subsequent exit to the European countries. The advantageous location of Kuryk provides opportunities for shipment of a wide range of cargoes, including dangerous ones. All these factors have already become decisive in increasing the flow of cargo shipment through this port in the Caspian Sea.