Kazakhstan is increasing exports of non-primary goods

Kazakhstan is increasing exports of non-primary goods. Agriculture contributes to the growth of export volumes. Since the beginning of the year, Kazakhstan has exported 260,000 tonnes of grain. Up to 130 wagons per day are loaded in Aktau international seaport. Another half a million tonnes will be shipped before the end of the year. Kazakhstani grain is mainly purchased by Iran and Azerbaijan. Before shipment by rail or sea, grain is stored in a new terminal launched after the port’s expansion.


 - According to the reports of the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture, more than 20 million tonnes of grain have been harvested. This gives hope that this year our grain producers will work well, and meet the expected export volumes. It is planned to ship 500,000 tonnes of grain through the new terminal before the end of the year.

Kazakhstani farmers increase export volumes through diversification of crops. Farmers began to grow safflower in Karaganda region. China is interested in purchasing the oilseed crop. The region’s largest farm collected nearly 150 tonnes of safflower seeds this year. It is used for the preparation of margarine and honey, in the production of technical oil and can be processed into poultry feeds. This crop does not require much moisture and prefers an arid climate.


 - Safflower is in demand. China is very interested in buying safflower. Safflower gives higher yields than flax, given that we are in a very arid zone in Karaganda region.