Kazakhstan-Indonesia: This year, trade turnover between the countries has increased by 60%

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Indonesia is strengthening. The most prospective area is trade. This year, trade turnover between the countries has increased by 60%.  The states traded goods worth US$24 million in the first half-year of 2017.


 - Today we are celebrating two years of independence of Republic of Indonesia in Astana. The government of Indonesia recognized independence of Kazakhstan right away after independence of Astana in 1991. We started diplomatic relation in 199.  Next year we are going to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Kazakhstan. Relation between Kazakhstan and Indonesia so far has been developing very well. We have no issue on political front; we have no issues on other fronts. However, we need to focus in the future on economic relations.

Investment cooperation is developing between the countries, too. In total, since 2005, Indonesian businessmen have invested approximately US$216 million in Kazakhstan’s economy. Negotiations with one of the Indonesian companies are under way which intends to invest in Kazakhstan’s gold mining industry. Indonesia is the leading state in gold mining in Southeast Asia. A joint project will enhance the development of Kazakhstan’s precious metal industry. The prospects of cooperation were voiced at the reception held in Astana marking the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. Mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries began in 1993. Since then political, economic and cultural relations between Kazakhstan and Indonesia have been strengthened year by year.