Quotes by AEF 2019 authors

Quotes by AEF 2019 authors

Nursultan Nazarbayev

International tension is most noticeable between USA and Russia.

Mobile, creative human capital is the key factor of economic growth.

Around 375 million people worldwide will require training so as to shift professions by 2030.

Christine Lagarde

The famous Kazakh poet Abai once said - “When walking slowly, walk with confidence.” Today I want to borrow this idea: accelerate, but slowly. Unfortunately, when I look at the global growth, there is no slow motion, but acceleration.

Good government and the absence of corruption is the key requirement for economic growth.

The financial system should be accessible to every resident.

Thanks to the efforts of the state and international organizations, Kazakhstan has reached the highest level of female employment.​

Han Zheng

Innovation revolves around the expansion of human capital. To achieve success in this matter, we must strengthen educational platforms and train qualified personnel.

Mamuka Bakhtadze

Every state must invest in the development of human capital.

We have to understand that in our competitive world those who think out of the box, by means of leaving the comfort zone, and think unconventionally will achieve success.

German Gref

If you did not start yesterday, you are already late.

88% percent of students believe that textbooks are not interesting. 67% of students and tutors are unsatisfied with the studying process.

We are all students. We follow the principle of Mahatma Gandhi: “Live like you are about to die tomorrow. Learn like you will live forever!”

Paul Romer

Каждая нация сможет извлечь определённую выгоду из глобального экономического роста.