Daneliya Tuleshova's interview with Eurovoix

Daneliya Tuleshova's interview with Eurovoix

Ahead of this month’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, Eurovoix.com talks to Daneliya Tuleshova from Kazakhstan, who will sing “Ózine sen”.

You are the first person to represent Kazakhstan in any Eurovision competition. How do you feel about making history?

I am proud to be the first representative from Kazakhstan. Of course, it is a big responsibility, so I work hard every day to make my singing better and I’ll do everything I can to win.

You have taken part in televised competitions like New Wave Junior and The Voice of Ukraine: Kids. What is the biggest thing you have learned from them?

The first thing I have learned is that you should be obsessed with your dream to win, you should work and you should think about your plans every minute of your life. And of course, I understand how much friendship means. No matter if you have to battle with your real friend, they will be next to you. I still keep in touch with other participants of The Voice of Ukraine and I know even as I represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision, they will worry about me. I feel them.

What is the main message of your song “Ózine sen”?

This song is about faith and dreams. Sometimes we doubt how to achieve our dreams; “Is this the right way?”, “Should we do something else?” I know every teenager has such thoughts. But you should trust your feelings and try. You should seize the time to achieve all of your dreams!

How do you think you will feel on stage at Junior Eurovision?

I will do my best to feel comfortable, I am positive. Every participant will be a bit nervous. This is normal because a lot of people all over the world will vote for the winner and everyone wants to be in first place. The best thing all of us can do is to sing better than ever before. I know I will.

What is your main hope for your week in Minsk? Would you like to see Kazakhstan take part in adult Eurovision one day?

I believe Kazakhstan will take part in adult Eurovision soon. My country is full of talents and people should know them. My big hope in Minsk is to meet a lot of talented kids and have new experiences that will help me in future.

What is something about Kazakhstan that you would like people to know about?

I want people to know that Kazakhstan is an unbelievable, wonderful and hospitable country! Maybe everyone will know that next year when we invite everyone to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Astana! (laughing)