Legend of Black Mountaineer

Legend of Black Mountaineer

This legend has many variations. So, no one remembers the exact mountain where this story happened.

One day, two climbers hiked together. We do not know whether it was a pair climb, or maybe they were in a group. At some point, the two started arguing; the reason being either one’s envy of dexterity and strength of the other, or perhaps they were in love with the same girl, but neither of them wanted to concede. During the ascent, one of the climbers broke free and hung on the safety rope. During the ascent, one of the climbers fell off and hung on the safety rope, injuring his hand. His partner, whether unable to pull a partner, or for other reasons, cut the cable, and the person could not be saved. The soul of the deceased climber did not rest but began to show up to those who found themselves in the mountains at night.


- There are a lot of variants of this legend. And so he goes around, peeps into the tents and looks for his partner, and when he sees someone looking alike he starts shouting "Henry, where is my hand"? This shout is performed at the most acute moment of the story. This legend can be told differently - I have heard both serious and scary variants of the story. However, it is all fantasy you know.    

The moral of the legend - In the mountains, there is nothing stronger than bonds of friendship and reliable partner hands.