Turkic Music Concert

A grandiose event in the world of Turkic music. The 11th International Festival ‘Astana – Arkau’ was held in the capital of Kazakhstan. There were performances of ethnic songs, compositions of exotic musical instruments and throat singing by outstanding masters of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and North Caucasus. The large-scale meeting of the Turkic nations was organized by Astana.


 - We need to give the second breath to our ancient compositions, we need to listen to our music and spread it to the new generation. Turkic people have the same roots and that’s why we have the similar manner of playing music.


 - We unite Turkic countries by arranging a meeting with each other and learn the culture and customs of each other. And how can we make it without music? Although we speak in different languages, music unites us.

The ‘Astana - Arkau’ festival, which was held for 11 years, unites the Turkic nation. Over the years, more than 500 well-known artists and scientists of the Turkic countries took part in the event. The unique event aims to revive the forgotten traditions of the Turkic musical culture.