‘Nomad Way’ international festival of Nomadic Culture

‘Nomad Way’ international festival of Nomadic Culture

The best ethno-groups of Turkic nations performed in Astana at the ‘Nomad Way’ international festival of nomadic culture. The event was organized as part of the capital’s 20th anniversary. Within three days, residents and visitors of Astana enjoyed the bright and original compositions of unique bands from 20 different countries, including bands from Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bashkortostan, Turkey, Tajikistan and Yakutia.


 - This is an image project of Kazakhstan, because the country and especially our capital, is in the heart and the center of Eurasia and this is very symbolic for us. I think the location of this festival was a right choice. Anyone can be energized with ethnic music during the concert. The world music is based on ethno music. It came to us as pop music, rhythm and blues and the like.

The ‘Aldaspan’ famous ethno-rock band was honored to represent Kazakhstan at the festival. This is the only band in the world that plays on an electro-dombyra. The musicians have gained a lot of fans both at home and abroad during seven years of being in the entertaining industry. The band has repeatedly participated in various competitions. They also won the second place in the chart of one of the largest American labels.


 - We have done something old, but a very new one at the same time. For example, "Balkadisha", "Sugir termesi" and "Kara bauyr Kaskaldak"were the popular songs since the 1980s in Kazakhstan. We performed these songs and we have done very well because we did it from our heart. Our songs are patriotic. We want to reveal the uniqueness of dombyra as a musical instrument as well as Kazakh singers.