Astana in paintings

A solo exhibition of the famous Kazakh artist Zhenis Kakenuly, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana, has opened in the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. Fifty unique works of the painter are presented in various genres. The collection includes paintings from the collection ‘Parallel with Claude Monet’ and photographs from the ‘Silhouettes of Astana’ series.


Zhenis Kakenuly’s series of fine art photographs dedicated to Claude Monet produces the feeling that there is a moment that we cannot capture by clicking the camera’s shutter, but nonetheless, the artist managed to capture these moments and convey a certain idea. With this artistic method, Zhenis Kakenuly demonstrated that Nursultan Nazarbayev’s idea of creating Astana resulted in the development of this unique city.   

The artist admitted that in his works he tried to combine various artistic techniques, and bring into harmony the beauty of the nature and his personal vision. In the paintings of Zhenis Kakenuly, Astana is presented not only in a realistic way, but also in artistic styles that reflect the artist’s perception of Astana.


 - I moved to Astana 20 years ago and Astana is turning 20 years. I expressed everything I saw in the city in my paintings. I was creating the majority of my works, photographs, in particular, in the course of 10 years, looking at the urban landscape from the window of my house. Therefore, these paintings mean a lot to me. I put my soul into creating them. 

The artist’s works depicting the city life were already exhibited in New York where they received positive feedback from the public. Many of Zhenis Kakenuly’s works are currently presented in private galleries in Russia, Moldova and Turkey.